Tour Page

Quick Tour

  1. Here is the main clipboard history list.
    Every text you copied will be shown here.

    Extension screenshot
  2. If you want to copy back any of the items, just click to its text and it we will put to your clipboard.

    Copy text
  3. A button with the star icon allows you to mark this item as a favorite. You can find your favorite items in under the "Fav" tab.

    Mark favorite items
  4. Favorite items are available in a web page context menu, on any input field. They also protected from being deleted.

    Context menu
  5. Click to a cloud button allows sending this text to the cloud and sync it between your computers. You just need to install the extension on both and use the same google account in your browser.

  6. Under the "Cloud" tab, you may find what is in your cloud right now.

    Cloud tab
  7. Click to Show button allows opening full view of the text.
    You can assign tags to the item here, edit content or adjust text properties.

    Show button
  8. Using checkboxes will open group actions, such as Mark as favorites, Delete, Export or Merge

  9. Chosen items can be exported to number of formats: Backup, Plain text, JSON, CSV (Excel)

    Export items
  10. Merge button gives an ability to merge text of a few items to create a new one. You can rearrange items and choose a delimiter character

    Merge items
  11. The "Delete All" action can be found in the extensions main menu, as well as other additional tools

    Delete all button
  12. Clipboard History Pro also includes a handy tool for making screenshots of a web page: full or just a visible area

    Page screenshot
  13. Powerful Options page allows us to save & restore backups and configure many settings

    Option page

Looking for more?

Activating Pro subscription brings you additional great features such as

  • Mobile Sync

    Helps you to sync history between the extension and your smartphone

    More details
  • Floating Mode

    Runs the extension in a new separated from the browser window

    More details
  • Password Lock

    Which restricts access to you clipboard history list

    More details
  • Clipboard Widget

    For accessing clipboard from any webpage

    More details