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Our advantages

  • Track your copy history

    Clipboard History Pro extension helps to manage your clipboard history in a way that you never have to worry while copy-pasting again. Once you copy any text, it will save all your copied history. This text can be easily used with the extension later.

  • Sync Across Devices

    The extension offers seamless synchronization on multiple devices. Using Mobile cloud and our apps for iOS and Android you can send history items between browser extension and your smartphone.

  • Context Menu Integration

    There is a context menu integration with input fields. Thus, it is even easier for you to paste favorite text notes or clips from your history. All you need to do is make a right-click.

  • Merge and Add Tags to Your History Records

    It's easy to merge two or more copied items from your history and convert it into a new item. The extension also allows you to add tags to any item in your clipboard history record.

Meet the Pro features

As the extension constantly improves, users with the subscription always get the latest Pro features.

Clipboard History Pro

Activate Pro subscription for accessing additional features and support the extension development.

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Clipboard History Free features

  • Clipboard tracking & history management
  • Favorite items with context menu integration
  • History items editing
  • Text source URL detection
  • Text items tagging & merge
  • Backups and history export
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Clipboard History Pro features

  • Everything in Free
  • Mobile Cloud with mobile apps sync
  • Shortcut Text Expander
  • Floating mode feature
  • Password lock protection
  • Clipboard widget for web pages
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